Covered Splendour

The Beauty of modesty is what Covered Splendour is all about.  Adding sparkle and shine to your covering, can give you a feeling of femininity; and by just adding a variety of colors, styles, and accessories to your covering, you can bring out your unique personality for others to see. Beauty is within and is what many people miss out on when they first meet a woman, because at first they are mostly looking at the outside.
Covering is a form of respecting the outer beauty and a way to bring out the inner beauty.

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Gan Yah

We make beautiful jewelry with Hebrew script on our Sterling Silver and Pewter beads.  Swarovski Crystals  are used for accents.  Handmade Tzittziyot, beautiful round ribbon and also Swarovski Crystal Tzittziyot.  Embroidered Prayer Shawls.  Ball caps  embroidered with a Hebrew (Paleo Script is available).  Head coverings and accessories such as volumizers and No-slip headbands.

Gan Eden Soaps

We offer Premium Handmade Soap, made with goat's milk and other quality ingredients such as olive oil and oils of coconut, sunflower, castor & apricot; along with unrefined shea butter and palm.   Vitamin E and wild tussah silk are in every batch.  We also incorporate things like pomegranate juice, yogurt, honey and vegetable glycerin in some of our soaps.  We do not use soybean oil, canola oil or lard in any of our recipes.

We also offer Bath Fizzies, Shower Steamers, Body Butters and many other fun and useful products in our lineup. We adhere to a Biblically clean lifestyle and make sure the products we offer you follow this same pattern.

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